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Dog Trainer Certification

Dog Trainer Apprenticeship Program

Learn the John Earle Cognitive Behavioral Method and become an Applied Animal Behaviorist

Do you have a passion to work with animals? As a John Earle Cognitive Behavioral Method Certified Dog Trainer (JECMCDT), you will possess the intuitive skills necessary to connect with and make a difference in the life of every dog and owner you work with. A dog that understands its role in the pack will likely remain with one family its entire life. The enjoyment that is experienced by a dog as the result of an inclusive relationship with the humans who care for him/her creates a loving family environment for everyone. This rewarding career is waiting to touch your heart.

Decades of training experience have been incorporated into this extremely comprehensive curriculum.

Phase #1:  Coursework

3-hour class period, twice weekly for 10 weeks

Week 1 – History of the dog as it pertains to breed and function.
Week 2 – Body postures/compensatory behaviors
Week 3 – Canine Learning Theory
Week 4 – Personality/social types/social typing/personality typing/Cognitive method.
Week 5 – Temperament testing/cognitive function assessment
Week 6 – Equipment selection/function
Week 7 – Handling/restraint/bite prevention
Week 8 – Public Speaking & Teaching Group Classes
Week 9 – Recognition training/behavioral vs. medical conditions
Week 10 – CPR & First Aid Certification
Week 11 – Final oral practicum and execution exam (canines will be provided for testing purposes)

All materials will be provided. All tests are by oral exam or practicum.

Phase #2:  Internship/Hands-on Training

Completion of Phase #1 required

The mandatory internship phase consists of 400 hours of comprehensive, hands-on application of skill sets. Under the supervision of a Master Cognitive Method handler, students will participate in beginning/intermediate/advanced level obedience classes, evaluations and temperament tests, as well as execute the daily lesson plans for future service dogs on site for the Elena’s Angels Foundation.

Final Comprehensive Oral Practicum

Graduation/Certification upon completion of Phase #1 and #2


The tuition fee is $15,000. Details are given upon application.

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