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John Earle has been a devoted Registered Veterinary Technician (RVT) and Applied Animal Behaviorist for over 25 years, working with and training over 45,000 dogs. He received his RVT degree from an American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) accredited program from Mt. San Antonio College in 1992 (License #4539). He has spent his whole career developing and perfecting an innovative technique to train dogs by integrating Cognitive Behavioral Therapy into his program, a therapy commonly used for humans with Borderline Personality Disorders. His academic background and field knowledge sets him apart from other trainers and he has been recognized by the veterinary community as an expert in animal behavior. He is also a Canine Good Citizenship Evaluator and he has certified many of his clients to be Therapy/Service Dogs throughout the years. John is also the head of behavioral services at PetCare Veterinary Hospital in Santa Rosa.

John’s dream of developing service dogs for autistic children started with the birth of his daughter, Elena. She has battled with symptoms lying on the autistic spectrum for several years. Even though she would benefit greatly from an autism service dog, she would not qualify for government assistance because she is not quite disabled “enough”. With so many families facing similar issues, John is aware of the demand to create a program that can be open for more children in a quicker time frame. With his wife by his side, he is excited to put all of his training experience toward his calling to empower children…one dog at a time.

Katherine Earle has worked in the medical field for over 10 years, specializing in behavioral health. Working in hospitals throughout the San Francisco Bay Area and New York City, she gained a special appreciation of the challenges faced by mental health patients. Her own mental health diagnosis in the early 2000s led Katherine on a journey through countless doctors and medication cocktails. It wasn’t until she was introduced to an alternative therapy using techniques similar to those John uses in his practice, that she finally felt relief. Katherine’s eyes and heart have been opened to devote her professional efforts and experience toward changing the lives of children and their families whose battles with mental illness are ongoing.

Katherine has completed the trainer certification program under the direct supervision of master dog trainer/handler John Earle. She has completed 400 hours of class curriculum as well as the one year fieldwork internship. She has worked with over 200 dogs and is continuing her education through the operation of the obedience courses and a mentored role in behavioral therapy cases.

Elena Earle is Spectrum Autistic and has been training and caring for dogs as part of her occupational therapy since her diagnosis at age 4. She brings a unique perspective to the dogs’ training as it pertains to the relationship between animal and child. Although Elena does not participate in complex or dangerous cases, she is a skilled trainer who lends her abilities to both dogs and children. Elena has been involved with over 1000 dogs and continues to progress with her family.

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